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Looking for a copywriter who actually gets what you do and delivers first time?


If you want a copywriter who can clearly explain your value to customers you'll need someone who really sees what you’re worth to them.  That means finding a writer who understands your business and someone who can make sound judgements about what your market wants.


Sound Fab offers you the voice and perspective of a business writer whose experiences go way beyond ‘corporate communications’ and ad agencies. To name but two - building and selling a business and years of experience as a market analyst for the world’s major investment banks. Along with being a full time writer he's also a computer nerd, a musician, a trained audio engineer and a world traveller rolled into one. Will we really get what you need? You bet!


Whether you’re looking for reader friendly SEO web content , a general advertising copywriter, editorial for newsletter, article PR, or a specialist financial copywriter you’ll not be disappointed with the 20 years commercial writing experience that Sound Fab has to offer. This we guarantee, or we make no charge!


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